Biography for Scrappy


Artist Bio

Garvin Johnson aka Scrappy is a UK based recording artist and producer. Scrappy’s passion for music is astounding. This is the same passion that is his driving force for working towards goals and reaching milestones in his life including the release of multiple successful and promising solo albums under his India label JM Records.


At the early age of 5, Scrappy began exploring his musical talent by always singing along with his mother, as she listened to her favourite artists ranging from Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Gregory Isaac, Sparrow, Gypsy and the list goes on. All of these artists have influenced his musical style and consciousness.


His first exposure to the public as a musician was when he entered the local highly recognised local talent show in Montserrat, Star Search, in which he later became the Jr. Calypso Monarch at age 11 after entering the competition for the first time.


With 11 years of international musical experience and 11 solo albums, Scrappy has been touring in the European market and taking soca music in a lot of territories. After being nominated for awards in both the Soca Music Awards (U.K) and the UK’s prestige Calabash Music Awards this artist has managed to stamp his name in Europe and shared the stage with some of the industry’s best artist. Scrappy has been consistent every year from his debut in 2005 and has been releasing a new project annually.



Not only music, but Scrappy also has a very strong drive for business. As he always says “There is music and then there is business” and with that motto he has managed to create a few avenues ranging from technology, events, radio and even charitable work.


R.E.A.D – Recognising Education Arts and Development

R.E.A.D is a charity that was established in December, 2011 by Scrappy. The Montserrat based charity aims at creating a balanced platform for children in education. Not only that but recently the charity has recently expanded into supporting creative arts and will also be creating avenues for young budding musicians who wish to explore their musical talent and learn about the business of music.


Oliver Oriole

As a child growing up reading were one of the many things Scrappy did as a child in his leisure time. That passion not only expanded into music but also were the drive for releasing a children’s book that will be available in digital platform and also audio. Oliver Oriole is a fictional character based on the national bird if Montserrat called the Oriole bird and 2018 will see the launch of the ebook and audiobook. There will also be a brain training game that will be available on all android devices.

Global Carnival Centre Cultural Ambassador

Scrappy has recently been appointed as a Cultural Ambassador which was appointed by Global Carnival Centre, a UK based organisation who hosts and develops carnivals in countries around the world. Scrappy will be attending seminars and speaking on various topics such as music business, the Caribbean music culture and also be representative in different arenas.


Caribbean Music Festival

At the moment the artist is in his fifth year of hosting the annual Caribbean Music Festival which takes place annually during the summer period. The event which sees both local and international artists all live on stage is beginning to pick up gain the respect and admiration of Caribbean music lovers nationwide.


Awards & Achievements

2014 - Montserrat Groovy Monarch (Guilty)

2013 - Montserrat Groovy Monarch (Feting)

2012 - Soca Music Award (Best UK Male)

2011 Calabash Awards (Best UK Soca Artist)

2009 Soca Music Award (Best UK Male Artist)

2009 Soca Music Award (Best UK Soca Song)

2005 1st Runner Up Calypso Monarch

2005 Road March King

2005 Soca Monarch

1992 Montserrat Juniour Calypso Monarch

1991 Montserrat Juniour Calypso Monarch